Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calculating Response Time Report Using OpenSTA

Page Timers
Within Test configuration under the VU settings there is an option for Generate timers for each page.
One of the generated Script ENTRY parameters is called USE_PAGE_TIMERS.
In the Gateway options there is a checkbox for Page Timers.
The documentation is not exactly clear on how/if these things are connected, it can all easily be worked out through experimentation, but to save someone some work and hopefully clarify the docs here is a quick explanation:

The Gateway checkbox for Page Timers causes code to be added into the recorded script to contain START and END TIMERS which get run only if USE_PAGE_TIMERS is set to 1. The timing made groups the Primary HTTP request with all its secondaries in an attempt to record how long the complete page takes to download.
The Task Group VU setting checkbox for Generate timers ... causes the Script ENTRY paramater USE_PAGE_TIMERS to be set to 1, otherwise it is set to 0. Obviously this will only have an effect on your scripts if you recorded using the above option, or if you have coded some use of USE_PAGE_TIMERS yourself

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