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HP LoadRunner Software Exam (AIS Certification)

HP LoadRunner Software Exam (AIS Certification)

1.) What is the kind of testing used to check the behavior and performance of each tier?

Ans) Performance Testing

2.) What is the performance test objective which checks whether a new version of the software

adversely affect response time?

Ans) Benchmark Performance Testing, based (benchmarked) on previous version

3.) What is the performance test objective which checks whether the system is stable enough to go

into production?

Ans) Detect all the bottlenecks

4.) The load generator should have connectivity to which components?select two?

a.) web server b.) vugen c.) controller d.) analysis

Ans) (a),(c)

5.) Which component emulate the steps of real users using the application?

a.) vugen b.)Controller c.)load generator d.) analysis

Ans) a)

6.) What is the component used to monitor application infrastructure components which provide

metrics for system tuning?

Ans) Controller

7.) What u will do after doing a debug run?

a.) re-run the scenario b.) tune the system c.) go to full load test and scalability test d.) inform

the project manager that system peformance is good and stop the load testing

Ans) c)

8.) Which statement is an example of a conceptual goal?

A. The update transaction should function during heavy usage.

B. The Update transaction must attain 200 concurrent users during peak time.

C. The search transaction should respond within 5 seconds during normal


D. The login transaction should respond within 4 seconds or less during heavy


Ans) D)

9.) What is the LoadRunner term used to define a collection of Vusers within a scenario?

A. Set

B. Group

C. Profile

D. Scenario

Ans) B)

10.)A set of actions or user steps performed within an application to accomplish a

business goal is called as

a.) business process

b.) transaction

c.) concurrency

d.) check point

Ans) b)

11.) An example of stress testing :

a.) Purchasing at an e-commerce site

b.)Searches at a search engine site

c.)Updated content display at a news site

d.)Downloading received orders or updating order status at a Client / Server system.

Ans) a)

12.) Master Data comes from :

a.) Application data

b.)user input

c.) System will generate

d.) from scripts

Ans) a)

13.) An example of user generated data

a.) e-mail address

b.) session id

c.) confirmation number

d.) userid and password

Ans) d)

14.) delay between two different iterations can be done by using which run time settings?

Ans) Pacing

15.) Iterations can be set under which option in run time settings dialog box?

Ans) RunLogic

16.) What is the type of concurrency happening when user was in the process of buying tickets?

Ans) ----

17.) What is the type of business process happening when multiple users were buying tickets?


18.) How many transactions will need to be run per minute if a load test has to be run for four

hours with 2000 users, assuming an average length of ten minutes?

Ans) 200 transactions

19.) what is the process to validate that there is enough test hardware available in the test

environment,benchmark the business processes against the testing hardware?

Ans) Smoke Test

20.) vugen should have connectivity to which component to record vuser script?

a.) AUT(application under test)

b.) analysis

c.) controller

d.) load generator

Ans a)

21.) u r trying to change the server sampling rate and u couldn't do it what u should u do to

make the process the successful?

a.) disconnect load generator and try again

b.) close loadrunner and open again

c.) shut down the corresponding server and try again

d.) u couldn't do that because u cannot change server sampling rate

Clarify this question 22.) When u click start scenario option:

a.) load generator will automatically go to ready state and do the necessary operation

b.) U need to manually click the connect button in load generator window

c.) start wlrun.exe

d.) ping the controller

Ans) a)

23.) Before the vusers are executed, first they are

a.) initialized

b.) they will execute the scripts directly in AUT from load generator

c.) paused and then will do the intended operation

d.) vusers will go to rendezvous state

Ans) a)

24.) Option where vusers and groups will be automatically scheduled is

a.) Manual scenario

b.) Goal oriented scenario

c.) real life schedule

d.) Run until completion

Ans) d)

25.) What is the scenario outline for the condition update should successfully happen for 1000

concurrent users

a.) script should define update and 1000 concurrent users should run the script

b.) script should define update and 1000 users should run the script

c.) update transaction with manual scenario

d.) update transaction with goal oriented scenario

Ans) d)

26.) the type of file to be choosed in scenario groups is

a.) .lrr file

b.) .lra file

c.) .usr file

d.) .lrs file

Ans) d)

27.) What is the minimum value for transaction monitor frequency for small scenarios?

Ans) 1 minute

28.) What is the minimum value for transaction monitor frequency for large scenarios?

Ans) 1 minute

29.) if in initial stages of scenario execution during ramp up, if u feel that response time is

increasing, what u will do to run the scenario with current users?

a.) stop the scenario and decrease the no of vusers

b.) press the pause button in interactive schedule graph to continue with current no of users

c.) pause the users in run tab

d.) design a different scenario

Ans) a)

30.) what is the common run time settings for all protocols?

Ans) General

31.) What run-time settings we need to have for debug run?

Ans) Replay think time, Extended logs on,No pacing

31.) run time settings for the whole controller can be accessed from?(menu flow)

Ans)From controller's Run-time setings button

32.) What is the term u call to pass different input to a script?


33.) Results of scenario execution are stored in

a.) controller machine

b.) load generator machine

c.) vugen machine

d.) analysis machine

Ans) Load generator,if you collate the results it will be copied in controller machine

34.) An intersection point in a business process is called as?

Ans) Rendezvous point

35.) extended log and data returned by server will be used for

a.) debug run

b.) isolate top time transaction

c.) full load

d.) scalability load

Ans) a)

36.) What is the HTTP status code which indicates an individual business process is failing

under load, or the Web application itself has crashed.

a.) 404

b.) 502

c.) 500

d.) 200

Ans) c)

37.) What are the two types of scheduling available in controller?

Ans) Schedule by Scenario, Schedule by Group

38.) what is the option in analysis used to isolate a specific measurement?

a.) drill down

b.) filter

c.) Autocorrelate

d.) graularity

Ans) b)

39.) What is the graph used to get transaction throughout the test?

a.) Average Transaction response time

b.) Response time per second

c.)Transaction response time distribution graph

d.)Transaction response time percentile graph

Ans) c)

40.) If number of hits become flattened, then the issue is with

a.) application server

b.) web server

c.) database server

d.) authentication server

Ans) b)

41.) If throughput graph becomes flattened out then the issue is with

a.) ramp up

b.) bandwidth

c.) firewall

d.) network

Ans) b)

42.) server time and network time can be identified using graph

a.) time to first buffer breakdown

b.) page download time breakdown

c.) Page Component Breakdown (Over Time) Graph

d.) Downloaded Component Size Graph

Ans) a)

43.) What is the type of graph displayed below

a.) Transaction Response Time (Distribution) Graph

b.) SLA graph

c.) Summary graph

d.) Transaction breakdown graph

Ans) Where is the Graph????

44.) what are the main formats in which we can produce analysis results(choose any two)

a.) ms excel

b.) crystal reports

c.) ms word


e.) XML

Ans) c),d)

45.) Tell me two business process u will record out of which displayed below?

BusinessProcessNameTypical Day Peak Day DynamicContent MissionCritical Record

Sign in 70/hr 210/hr Light High ?

Create new account 10/hr 15/hr Moderate Low ?

Search for flights 130/hr 180/hr Moderate Moderate ?

View flight booking 20/hr 30/hr Moderate High ?

Ans) business process---Sign-in, Business process-Search for Flights

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