Thursday, February 7, 2008

InjectorStatus Errors

InjectorStatus Errors

Sometimes when a test comes to an end you will find some InjectorStatus errors in the error log. These are usually of the form:

XXXXXXXXX,TEST,InjectorStatus,HTTPInjectorStatusImpl::HTTP_GetBothStatsSnapshot:Exception getting both snapshots from TG Executer 'XXX_XXX_XXX_XXX_0000XXXX'; Could be TG stopped or completed,
XXXXXXXXX,TEST,InjectorStatus,InjectorStatusImpl::GetInjectorTotalAndActiveVUs:Exception getting VU count from TG Executer 'XXX_XXX_XXX_XXX_0000XXXX'; Could be TG stopped or completed,

If these occur at the end of your test they can safely be ignored and should not be logged as errors if at all. If you find them occurring during your test and/or being a symptom of any other issues with your test then please post full details to the UserMailingList

This currently happens on all OSs when running multi VU tests under OpenSTA 1.4.3 and earlier. This problem is logged as a bug - bug# 809451. Updated details may be found here:

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